We all know too well the challenges people face in receiving a hypermobility diagnosis, both in Australia and all over the world. I hope that one-day hypermobility will be picked up and diagnosed by primary care physicians, but until that day, we need to map out how patients are most likely to get a correct diagnosis. 

If you read this information and find any errors, please let us know by email. Also, if you know any alternative routes of diagnosis in your Australian State or Territory, we would be keen to hear about it. At this stage, the pathways for hypermobility diagnosis that are listed here are purely through the public health system.

This information was compiled in good faith, from information available on each state's health department website during March 2016. This information relates to the public health system pathways for diagnosis of a hypermobility related condition. No responsibility is taken by Hypermobility Connect for incorrect information or how you use this information. As always, please talk to you General Practitioner about your condition and how best to manage it.
hypermobility diagnosis ACT
hypermobility diagnosis pathway NSW
hypermobility diagnosis pathway NT
hypermobility diagnosis pathway QLD
hypermobility diagnosis pathway SA
hypermobility diagnosis pathway TAS
hypermobility diagnosis pathway VIC
hypermobility diagnosis pathway WA

Sometime in the not too distant future, we hope to be able to bring you a directory of private health care professionals who understand and work with people with hypermobility, from diagnosis through to management. (If you are one of those health professionals, please make sure you're on our mailing list. You can fill in your details on the Health & Hypermobility page)

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