Hypermobility Connect is the work of Michelle O’Sullivan, a Senior Occupational Therapist in Sydney Australia. Hypermobility Connect was started in 2016 after Michelle saw a need for greater awareness, education, advocacy and support for people with all kinds of hypermobility conditions. Having worked as an Occupational Therapist in private practice with people of all ages living with hypermobility conditions, she was more than qualified and extremely passionate to create a resource for the wider hypermobility community, not just those she could reach through one to one work.


Hypermobility Connect started as a source of information for people seeking high-quality information about their condition. The need for a sense of community grew quickly and Hypermobility Connect took on board a team of volunteer bloggers to help share their experience of living with a hypermobility condition.


In 2018, a Hypermobility Health Professionals Network (Australia) group was started on Facebook to enable those professionals already on our mailing list (and other experienced professionals) to start networking – bouncing ideas off each other, referring on and supporting each other. That’s now growing by the day which is extremely exciting.


While Hypermobility Connect is not a registered charity, its aims have always been to provide assistance to the community of people living with these conditions. Currently, this occurs through the Find a Health Professional facility offered for free.


Michelle studied for 5.5 years at University to be able to help people in this way, and as a Registered Occupational Therapist, she is bound by strict Australian Laws governing what she can and cannot do. That includes selling you things you don’t need! Anything available for sale on Hypermobility Connect is for sale because of its genuine perceived benefit. All prices are kept as low as possible, while still acknowledging the time & effort put into creating the resources for you.

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