Yes, My Anxiety Is All In My Head

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Resident Blogger, Courtney Pavlis, wrote this piece “Yes, My Anxiety Is All In My Head” for The Odyssey Online about anxiety and people’s perception of it & the inability to really understand it unless you’ve felt it.

Yes, My Anxiety Is All In My Head | Hypermobility Connect

It’s a beautifully honest piece about experiencing anxiety, and experience to which we believe many people with hypermobility conditions could relate.

She begins: “Anxiety is a term that tends to be thrown around quite often without a second thought. Everybody knows what it’s like to feel “anxious” but only some know what it’s like to be crippled with chronic “anxiety.”

For those who don’t understand the latter, it’s not unusual for those with anxiety to be dismissed. “Just calm down,” “stop being so dramatic,” and (my absolute favorite) “it’s all in your head”.”

To read the full article follow this link to the article on The Odyssey Online site

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