Another blog about hypermobility? Really?

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What? Another hypermobility blog?  YES, another one. With a slight twist.
The blogs here at Hypermobility Connect are a part of a bigger plan. A plan to help people recognise hypermobility; to help educate people about hypermobility; to help people accept hypermobility and the real effects it has on the individual; to connect people to resources.
The blogs are going to fulfil all of those 4 aims and more. There are 5 different blogs hosted here on Hypermobility Connect. Why? Because we know that people in different life stages are interested in different information and can relate better to people their own age. So that is one of our aims. To get people writing blogs aimed at their peers (with the exception of the Tiny People’s blog, unless we have some brilliant little people who want to have a go at blogging (or drawing) about their hypermobility).
The brief given to bloggers is this: Reality with a positive spin.
Hypermobility Connect is a positively-hopeful place. It is about living with the struggle. It’s not about ignoring the struggle, because baby, the struggle is real. We all know that. It is about stories of triumph over the trial. It’s about learning to live in the light, the glass half full; it’s about learning to dance in the rain and stay afloat in the sometimes stormy seas. The words you read here will inspire you,they will resonate with you at times, I am sure, and most of all they should give you hope.
If you have something to say that fits the positively-hopeful, reality-with-a-positive-spin vibe, then please jump over here and check the guidelines for submitting a blog!
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