I’m Jo, an adult living with a severe connective tissue dysplasia. My condition means I permanently rely on a wheelchair to move about.

I’m a qualified Social Worker and work for Fighting Chance running LifeX, a social and mentorship initiative.

I’m passionate about writing, blogging and motivational speaking and I am a ‘Don’t DIS my ABILITY Ambassador’

You can read more of my writing on my blog

My Posts on Hypermobility Connect

5 tips to manage pain… with a difference!

Here are my top 5 tips to manage pain…with a difference. 1) Swear a lot: it has been scientifically proven ...
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Just a Dash of Fun

Just a dash of fun helps the tough stuff die down. Mary Poppins was on to something with that spoonful ...
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Learning to feel content

Sometimes I find myself looking at my friend’s lives and feeling utterly jealous. I look at my friends who are ...
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Glass Half Full: 8 positives to using a wheelchair

I was struck the other day when I ran into an old family friend. When she realised that I could ...
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