Be Prepared for the Aftermath

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Launching a website / online community has definitely reminded me of all that my hypermobile body brings with it plus more. Tell you what. What a learning curve it has been! But more so, what an amazing opportunity to continue learning how to manage my health while doing something I’m passionate about. The lesson here: Be prepared (for the aftermath).

Be Prepared for the Aftermath | Hypermobility Connect

I learned the lesson a long time ago, and it’s one of the many times I thank the universe that I learned the lesson when I did: be prepared. Look, to be honest, it was the motto of Girl Guides in Australia, and I was your epic girl guide (don’t judge me). However, that was more about the practical stuff. That’s the reason my suitcase is always full of “stuff” I “might” need when I go away.


Be Prepared….


The “be prepared” I’m talking about here though is of the ‘get stuff done early’ kind. Get it done and dusted before the **** hits the fan. I sent a message to one of our resident bloggers a few nights before launch day saying “In true hypermobile form my body is having a meltdown. I have barely functioned since I spoke to you on Wednesday night. Glad I didn’t leave this whole thing til the last minute!!!”. True story.


I have been working on Hypermobility Connect for months, and I set the launch date myself. However, once I put the social media wheels in motion, there was no backing down. So, it’s an excellent thing that I did a lot of the work well before the launch date, because by the time launch day rolled around, I was barely rolling out of bed.


I’m amazed I managed to hit the “go” button and to record a video, both in one day.


If you’ve ever pushed yourself to the limit physically and emotionally, you know the kind of wiped-out exhaustion I’m talking about! The kind where your body just shuts down and almost goes into hibernation. Well, it took two weeks for me to reemerge from my hibernation.


Of course, it wasn’t all related to Hypermobility Connect – you have to remember that life also has to go on behind the scenes like work and just day to day living. Your body still needs to be fed and washed, and appointments need to be attended.


Plan… for the crash.


The crash is why I KNEW better than to leave it until the last minute; the last minute is crash & burn time. It’s when my body decides it’s been pushed enough and doesn’t want to behave anymore. It just quits. Some people get colds & cases of flu, other people migraines and others, pain flares. My body gets migraines in the lead-up, and then just goes into sleeping mode.


I learned it the hard way in high school; it was reinforced during uni and then any time since that I have tried to do anything big that I was physically & emotionally invested in. It’s just what happens. And I accept that now. I expect it. I plan for it. I go into a project like this with the attitude “be prepared”…. because sooner or later the system crashes, it’s just a matter of time.

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