Hypermobility Connect is about hopefulness. It’s about living life with a hypermobility condition, in all it’s realness, but being able to come through the tough stuff with a healthy outlook. If that resonates with you, we would love you to read through our blogging guidelines and then get in touch.

We welcome blog posts about:

  • Your experiences
  • Your everyday life
  • Your challenges
  • Your triumphs
  • Things that others can relate to – this is the key!
  • Aids, strategies, thought patterns that help you manage living with hypermobility
  • Whatever else you can think about that’s healthy, helpful & hopeful.

Please don’t talk about:

  • Specific therapists or doctors/health professionals
  • Specific therapies ie. trying to convince other readers they should try it
  • Particular medicines or supplements – at all
  • Negative/unhelpful behaviours. While this might be your current reality, it may be triggering for others and it also might give others ideas they hadn’t already thought about themselves. If you’re unsure, check with Michelle. We hope that you will reach out for appropriate help to get you through the toughest times.

In order to protect everyone, including you, we ask you to adhere to these guidelines of what not to talk about.

To submit a blog post:

  • Make sure it fits within Hypermobility Connect’s blogging guidelines
  • Please aim to keep your blog post between 500-600 words
  • Include a brief bio (1-4 sentences) and a profile photo
  • Send all blogs to michelle@hypermobilityconnect.com with the email subject: Blog Submission
  • Please note we do not accept previously published blog posts.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to make contact via email or social media.
  • Not all posts submitted will be published; this decision will be made by Hypermobility Connect based on meeting the blogging criteria.