Guidelines for Social Media Engagement


Hypermobility Connect is a hopeful place. It is about looking forward to a better world, a better system, a better way of life. We like to think of it as the “home of hopefulness for hypermobiles.”

And we plan to keep this space hopeful. We plan to keep this space helpful. We plan to keep this place as a haven for people with hypermobility to come and be inspired, to know they are not alone in their struggle with a hypermobile body (or hypermobile loved one), to have questions answered, and to learn.

We will not in any way tolerate behaviour that is contrary to the above.
That includes:

  • Bullying other readers/community members
  • Consistently posting negative comments on social media posts
  • Harassment*
  • Abusive and demanding behaviour*
  • Attacking, antagonising or demeaning comments*

The administrators of the page Hypermobility Connect have the ability to block users from interacting on social media accounts, at their own discretion. People who breach these guidelines in a minor way will be given a reminder via direct message. Anything perceived as a major* breach of the guidelines, will not necessarily be given a warning. No discussion will be entered into.

Let’s all play by the rules so we can keep this community a unified, hopeful, haven for us all. Please respect these guidelines and understand that we take breaching these guidelines seriously and it may result in you being blocked from the Hypermobility Connect network.

Please note, comments which are in breach of the guidelines may be deleted without warning. Where possible you will be contacted by an administrator who will respectfully explain why your comment was deleted. You are also welcome to ask why if you have not been contacted directly.


Always remember, you are responsible for your own behaviour.

So, hopeful-hypermobiles, enjoy your haven and know that it will be protected.

Together let’s keep this space hopeful and helpful.


Hypermobility Connect Administrators