Fatigue: The battle of mind & body

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I’m writing this while yawning my head off and trying to stay awake on an interstate flight after a 4-day mini vacation. It’s frustrating when you are exhausted after a holiday. And it’s more frustrating when you are more tired after your vacation than you were before you went away.  

Fatigue: The battle of mind & body | Hypermobility ConnectWas I going to turn down a four day, most expenses paid trip up to the beautiful warm sunny weather? Nope! Did I pace myself well? Nope. Am I feeling the effects of too much shopping, sightseeing, lack of sleep and eating foods I shouldn’t eat? Yep. Do I regret it? No way.

  Fortunately, I have managed to schedule a recovery day, more or less, tomorrow, in preparation for two full-on days at work… But unfortunately shedding the fatigue takes more than just one day. I chose to take the vacation. I chose to keep up with my friend. I chose to go shopping all day. No sympathy deserved, though I’m sure there are some EDSers out there who can empathise with my fatigue right now.
  I guess this is an example of living despite the fatigue and pain that I know will always catch up with me. Living in the moment and appreciating the opportunities is really important, especially for us. Too many times are our plans changed because of our body, our pain, our fatigue. Sometimes we need to take the opportunities that life throws at us, and make the most of them, and deal with the consequences afterwards (as long as we aren’t talking about doing something really stupid – that my friends, requires a sensible risk assessment first).

I’m a big believer in working out how to live a life that is a good balance between failure to live and overdoing. And I really mean trying to work it out. I haven’t found the answer yet; it’s a very elusive thing… And it’s something that requires a different balance for everyone. 


Today I’m feeling the effects of stepping too far to the overdoing side of the line…. Which means that tomorrow I’ll have to step over the line the other way and spend the day on the couch. I often wonder is it better to live life at a steady, balanced pace… Or to have situations where you step to either side of that line? The things that make life interesting seem to lie on either side of that line…. Not on it’s path. Sadly. 

So I guess the real question is how far is too far to step either side of the line?
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