Seven of the Best General Aids for Hypermobility

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Living with EDS & Hypermobility: Seven of the Best General Aids for Hypermobility | Hypermobility ConnectFollowing on from our Top 5 Kitchen Aids from our #HypermobilityHelp series, it’s time to look at the general aids for hypermobility that I have found helpful for living with hypermobility.


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The person who designed this was a thinker! A Swivel Seat is a cushion which spins 360 degrees. You can place it on to almost any chair (semi-firm to firm is best) and it allows you to turn to the side to get up from the chair, and vice versa. You can also use them in the car, to help with turning legs to get in & out.

✅ This product is great for:

– people with hip, pelvis or sacroiliac joint pain

– pregnant women and postpartum mums

– people experiencing pubic symphysis pain/separation

– people with poor core stability who have trouble turning

❌ Downside:

– They work best on firmer surfaces but work in car seats.

– Adds a small amount of height to your chair which could be problematic for some


? You can find them:


eBay  (Best for Aussies)




One very clever person came up with this one. Ever been in a car and had trouble getting yourself back out? Either the car is so low, or you’re sore, unstable or non-weightbearing. You’ve got the door to lean on with one side, but what about the other? Enter the Handybar. It clips into a metal loop that’s already in the door frame, to give you another sturdy surface to hold onto. Brilliant.

  ✅ This product is ideal for people who:

– are using/travelling in cars which are low to the ground

– need assistance getting up out of the car seat

– mainly have lower limb or trunk difficulties

❌ Downside

– Not great for people with wildly unstable shoulders as you put a lot of force through them at this angle


Offical Website


? You can find it:


eBay  (Best for Aussies)





Got surgical scars? Or any scars for that matter? Silicone Gel Sheets (which come in a variety of brands) help with scar healing. I used them with my wrist surgery in 2014 and that scar which is one of the newest is the least visible of all of my scars.

I’m a big fan!

You can buy it online – variable brands & variable prices.

WARNING: I would recommend talking to your healthcare provider first about whether these might be suitable for you. And obviously, if you have allergies (to adhesives especially), checking the other components.


? You can find it:


eBay  (Best for Aussies)


Amazon  (Best for US & Other)


TUBE MASTER (or similar brands)


Well isn’t this just a super helpful gadget – for EVERYONE. Seriously, how many times have you tried to squeeze a little bit more toothpaste out of an empty tube, only to hurt your fingers and end up with very little paste?

  ✅ Useful for:

– People who have trouble squeezing

– People with decreased grip strength

– People with wrist instability

– People with limited range of motion in fingers due to injury

– Basically the entire population could use one of these!

– Can be reused

❌ Downsides:

– Depending on the brand/style you get, getting it onto the tube may be tricky – but worth it!

Official Website


? You can buy them:


eBay  (Best for Aussies)






I have been using these for years. When my pain is at it’s worst, this becomes my best friend for sleep. It gives you something to wrap your arms around, and something to throw your leg over. And if you get the U-shaped body pillow, all you need to do is turn over and you have the same on the other side of you. I prefer to use 2 straight body pillows because I need my own special pillow to keep my neck happy. I just put one body pillow down each side of me.

  ✅ Benefits of Single Body Pillows

– provides something to hug while sleeping

– good for people with shoulder problems

– good for managing pelvis & sacroiliac joint pain while sleeping

– helps you sleep on your side instead of your back or stomach

– versatile – I’m sure you will find other uses for it too

– can be used for body positioning/support during sex

❌ Downside

– If you used the U shaped pillow – you can’t use your own pillow for your head. Using 2 long body pillows achieves the same thing, but allows you to use your own pillow in the middle!

– they are a bit bulky

– good luck fitting yourself, two of these and a partner in your bed ?  

? You can buy them in lots of places, including


eBay  (Best for Aussies)






Tubigrip is a sleeve of elasticated material which provides compression to the body (limbs). It’s often used post-operatively because the compression helps with the reduction of post-op swelling. However, it’s not only used post-op.

  ✅ It’s good for:

– Compression after dislocations to reduce swelling

– Going under splints which rub or get really sweaty & gross (been there!)

– Protection from the elements, especially for those with CRPS (once you fight back the tears & get it on, that is)

– Letting other people know that you have a joint that is sore & needs extra care

❌ It’s not good for:

– Stopping subluxations or dislocations – it’s not strong enough to prevent those.

– People who have had DVT should be careful and be guided by their health professionals.


? You can buy it from:




Or from your physiotherapist/physical therapist and some Pharmacies




Using keys can be a real struggle for some people. The forearm supination (turning) and the grip strength can be a big problem, but just the stability of the wrist and hand can also be a massive issue for people with hypermobility. The key turner is great because it gives you something bulkier to hold onto, instead of that tiny little, thin key, making it easier to grip and therefore use less force.

  ✅ This product is great for people with:

– poor lateral prehension (key grip) strength

– decreased hand strength

– wrist instability or pain or post-operative

❌ Downside:

– they usually only fit 3-4 keys, so if you’re like me and have too many, it may not work for you

– they are bulkier than keys alone (pro is that they’re easier to find).


? You can find it: Online or at your Independent Living store


eBay (UK) 




NON-AFFILIATE: Aussies – if you want to buy this local, try Mobility Therapy Centre


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Which of these amazing gadgets do you find most helpful?

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