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I wasn’t sure if this day would ever come, it’s something I’ve dreamed of for a while now: getting back on my bike.

Getting back on the bike | Hypermobility Connect

To say that it has been a tough year is an understatement. I have been paralysed by disc bulges in my back and had to learn to walk again in a rehabilitation facility. I spent six months in a boot following ankle surgery; contracted that nasty superbug MRSA causing extended admissions to hospital for treatment. More recently have been battling a fistula with two surgeries along with further hard-core antibiotic treatment which has now caused a C-Diff infection.


After months of feeling poorly and unwell, I did something amazing on Saturday. I bought a bicycle. It was the first time in over a year that I have been physically able to exercise, even with my lingering C-Diff infection.


I took off slowly down my street and headed for the bike track. It felt so good to be out and about, reminding myself of the freedom, and good that exists in the great outdoors. It was a release, one that was well overdue. One word – AWESOMENESS.


I am very competitive by nature. In everything that I do I push myself extremely hard. I really struggle giving myself a break, for inside I believe I am superwoman. I admit that I am not superwoman, I am a mere mortal.


I knew that I would be in a world of pain if I pushed myself too hard. I set a 20 minute limit for my ride (which was so very hard to stick to) and even had myself a good cardio challenge riding up one of the steepest hills in the neighbourhood. As I climbed the hill, I felt a sense of achievement. My legs were burning, reminding me of years ago when I used to spend my Saturday mornings race riding with a local road cycling teams.


To reach the top of the hill felt amazing.


I had done something just for me. Something amazing. Triumph despite adversity.


Sure enough, by the time I reached home, I drank a gallon of water and crashed out fast asleep on the couch for a few hours. I was so desperately tired, but that ‘good tired’. Not the tired when your body hurts all over for no reason at all.


Best of all, I know that tomorrow I can do it all again, and I am excited. I’m getting back on the bike!


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We understand that not everyone is able to go and buy a bike and go for a 20-minute bicycle ride. However, this poster makes two excellent points. The first “I did something just for me” – how important it is that we do things to look after ourselves, to care for and nurture our bodies but also our souls.

And the second “triumph despite adversity”. This poster didn’t get on that bike on Saturday because their condition had gone away; or because they were feeling 100%; they did something that they wanted to do, despite the condition.

In choosing to do this activity, the poster also chose any potential consequences which might come their way, both good and bad.

We think that’s pretty impressive and applies to all of us.


What can you do today that is something just for you?

How can you nurture your body, mind or spirit today?

Share with us!

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