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In case you missed seeing it, our very own resident blogger, Jo Berry was on the ABC’s “You Can’t Ask That – Wheelchair Users” episode last night. She did an outstanding job of articulating answers to what some would find very difficult questions. As a friend of Jo’s, I truly believe that her answers represented her actual outlook on life and the way she chooses to live her life with her hypermobility disorder.

As you’ll hear, lots of people (not all) with disabilities, and especially those who use wheelchairs, don’t like to be called “inspirational”. But as a dear friend, I can say that I do find Jo incredibly inspirational, not because she is using a wheelchair, or because she has a disability, but because of her determination to live life to the max. She gets up and goes to work; she supports charity events; she works with other people with significant disabilities, and she is an ambassador for the Don’t Dis My Ability campaign in Australia. We travelled to the USA together, and we traipsed around New York, Baltimore and San Diego together. Jo doesn’t let her disability stop her.

To me, Jo is just a 30-year-old Australian woman who happens to have a health condition which requires her to use a wheelchair these days. But…Jo is using her life to change the world, she is living her life in her own way, and she is making a difference to other people’s lives… and that my friends is why Jo is inspirational.

You can watch the full episode by clicking here
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