My Child is In Pain…. A post-share from Kristy Lee Rackham

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Kristy Lee Rackham, RN who brought us the 10 no-meds methods to send pain packing shares with us another of her blog posts about managing pain, this time in children. As a nurse, holistic health practitioner, educator and possibly most importantly, a mother, she shares her unique perspective on management of acute and chronic pain in little people.     She begins: “There really is nothing worse than watching your baby struggle with pain, whether emotional or physical… it tears at the heart and soul in ways that are impossible to describe.”   The use of medication in managing pain in children is always a heavily debated topic…. to read more from Kristy head over to her post “My Child is In Pain: Managing Acute and Chronic Pain in Children”    

Kristy Lee Rackham, RN

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