Today is R U OK? Day in Australia (but can be implemented around the world).


Today is about checking in with those around us, asking “R U OK?” and LISTENING to their response. Engaging with them.


So. Go. Ask someone.


If you don’t know how to go about it – there are instructions here


Let us know how you go. Was it hard to ask someone? Was it hard to know what to say in response? 


You can read last year’s R U OK 2016 post here.


R U OK? {Hypermobility Connect}

I started Hypermobility Connect when I stopped working in private practice with clients with hypermobility. While I wasn’t able to continue my consulting work, and I’m not currently registered to practice, I realised that we need to raise awareness, educate people and promote acceptance of hypermobility conditions both in the individual and the wider community. I have a lot of personal knowledge and experience to share, and that is my current role here at Hypermobility Connect – Peer Education.

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