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We realise that a lot people with hypermobility would find the blogging brief: “reality with a positive spin” quite challenging, because life with hypermobility is itself challenging. However, we have found a bunch of people who we believe live what they write about here at Hypermobility Connect.

In choosing to host the positive-spin blogs, we are not denying the fact that having hypermobility can suck… and it can suck real big!


However, we believe that it is possible to talk about our challenges with this often unpredictable condition with both positivity and humour. That is not denying the bad; it’s simply choosing to find the good.


There are plenty of other blogs out there that you can peruse when you want to read about how crap life is with this condition and how bad one can feel for themselves. We know. We’ve all been there before. We’ve written our own rants. We have read countless others.


We know the feeling that comes with reading someone’s story and part of that story resonating with your own, making you feel less alone. We get that. We’ve been there.


And sometimes we go back there. We just choose not to stay there, permanently.


And now we are in a position on this journey of the hypermobile life to know that staying in that place, in the “hypermobility is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone” mindset is not going to get us anywhere other than deeper into the hole of despair.


If you are there right now, that is OK. Really. Don’t rush. Don’t think “oh crap I need to get out of this place.” No. Remember that this is a journey. And it is YOUR journey. We are not living your life, your journey; we are living our own. It takes as long as it takes to get to a place of being able to talk about the highs & the lows, the positives and negatives, the triumphs and the trials.


Hear us: It. Takes. Time. And it’s OK if you aren’t there yet. We just hope beyond all hope that one day you join us in this place of being OK; not at peace, not at one with, not happy that we have it – just OK with the fact that we have hypermobility, and it, therefore, makes our lives a little different. But it doesn’t define us.

  We hope that by reading these blogs people will see that there is more to life with hypermobility than just the struggle, we are more than our injuries and our illnesses.   Our lives are worth more and count for more than just the suffering and the battling.   There is more to us, and there is more to everyone with a medical condition than just the label.  

Will you hear about the crap stuff? Absolutely. Is that all you will hear about? No way.


Because I truly believe “there is more to my story.

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