Jo Berry
    I’m Jo, an adult living with a severe connective tissue dysplasia. My condition means I permanently rely on a wheelchair to move about. I’m a qualified Social Worker and work for Fighting Chance running LifeX, a social and mentorship initiative. I’m passionate about writing, blogging and motivational speaking and I am a ‘Don’t DIS my ABILITY Ambassador’ You can read more of my writing on my blog

    5 tips to manage pain… with a difference!

    Here are my top 5 tips to manage pain...with a difference. 1) Swear a lot: it has been scientifically proven ...
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    Just a Dash of Fun

    Just a dash of fun helps the tough stuff die down. Mary Poppins was on to something with that spoonful ...
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    Learning to feel content

    Sometimes I find myself looking at my friend's lives and feeling utterly jealous. I look at my friends who are ...
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    Glass Half Full: 8 positives to using a wheelchair

    I was struck the other day when I ran into an old family friend. When she realised that I could ...
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    Michelle is a Senior Occupational Therapist working with people with hypermobility and rheumatological conditions (like arthritis). Michelle is the owner of Hypermobility Connect, an online platform for people with hypermobility to connect with resources, health professionals & each other. Michelle practices OT in her private practice, Rheumi Occupational Therapy