Rebecca Spokes
    Some could say that my world is surround by hypermobility conditions, and at 34, I totally agree. Firstly, I am a mother of two gorgeous daughters who have both joint hypermobility syndrome. I too have since been diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome which explained so many years of puzzling the doctors. I also run my own paediatric occupational therapist service, Mobile Kids O.T., specialising in pre-school and school age children with handwriting/learning difficulties, many of whom are very hypermobile. When I am not balancing the roles of wife, motherhood, work and running my own business, I love being creative – dressmaking, crochet, needlework. I am so excited to be able to share with you from the perspective of parent, adult and therapist living/working with hypermobility. My business website is Mobile Kids OT

    Finding Balance – Can we?

    Today, I am writing to you wearing both my parent and adult with hypermobility hats. It is quite a personal ...