Rebecca Spokes
    Some could say that my world is surround by hypermobility conditions, and at 34, I totally agree. Firstly, I am a mother of two gorgeous daughters who have both joint hypermobility syndrome. I too have since been diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome which explained so many years of puzzling the doctors. I also run my own paediatric occupational therapist service, Mobile Kids O.T., specialising in pre-school and school age children with handwriting/learning difficulties, many of whom are very hypermobile. When I am not balancing the roles of wife, motherhood, work and running my own business, I love being creative – dressmaking, crochet, needlework. I am so excited to be able to share with you from the perspective of parent, adult and therapist living/working with hypermobility. My business website is Mobile Kids OT

    Finding Balance – Can we?

    Today, I am writing to you wearing both my parent and adult with hypermobility hats. It is quite a personal ...
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    Michelle is a Senior Occupational Therapist working with people with hypermobility and rheumatological conditions (like arthritis). Michelle is the owner of Hypermobility Connect, an online platform for people with hypermobility to connect with resources, health professionals & each other. Michelle practices OT in her private practice, Rheumi Occupational Therapy