Sam Payne
    My Name is Sam Payne. I’m 18 and live in Newcastle NSW. I’ve been diagnosed for a few years now but like usual I had misdiagnosed issues all my life and had my first surgery at 8 months old. I’m an avid American football fan and enjoy all kinds of sport. I play football (yes, I’m a little loopy) and I’m studying a double diploma at the moment! I have a soft spot for dogs and dry puns. My aim in this life is to encourage, support and make as many people feel loved as possible!  

    And so… I got back up again

    "Stuff this, run it," I thought as I took off down the field with the ball tucked under my right ...
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    The Emotional Challenge

    Pain and I have a very unique and intimate relationship. If you're reading this blog it means you are probably ...
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    Michelle is a Senior Occupational Therapist working with people with hypermobility and rheumatological conditions (like arthritis). Michelle is the owner of Hypermobility Connect, an online platform for people with hypermobility to connect with resources, health professionals & each other. Michelle practices OT in her private practice, Rheumi Occupational Therapy